Maple Leaf Indica Seeds


Maple Leaf Indica Cannabis Strain is 100% pure indica. Fans will recognize the classic Afghan flavor as much as the disarming body stone.


Maple Leaf indica isn’t just and average indica strain: it represents a piece of cannabis history. Fans will recognize the classic Afghan flavor as much as the disarming body stone. The Maple Leaf strain is 100% pure indica created by Sensi Seeds in Amsterdam. Now considered to be an old-school strain, Maple Leaf gets passed over among many new cultivators who seek only to grow more fashionable strains. Maple Leaf keeps a dedicated following among experienced growers and serious connoisseurs due to her seductive sugary flavors and heavenly euphoric high.


Maple Leaf buds are long and chunky with tapered tops. The nugs look like the fingers of a green ogre and are loaded with so much sticky resin they appear to be shiny and wet. The flowers are emerald green colored with a veneer of silver and amber trichomes. After some proper curing, the buds take on a much darker crocodile green color.

Maple Leaf Indica Aroma

The first thing you will notice about Maple Leaf is an intense sweetness. As the name suggests, there is a maple syrup characteristic, but also a touch of spiciness indicative of sweeter indica strains. Blueberry and vanilla cream flavors also come to mind when smelling the flowers. Maple Leaf is a smooth smoke that leaves a mouthwateringly sweet aftertaste. Given such elevated amounts of resin, a complex aromatic bouquet comes as no surprise. The flavor experience ends with the sweet earthy notes that are typical of many indica strains.


Maple Leaf cannabis strain is full of the terpenes caryophyllene, pinene, and bisabolol. These terpenes are unique to Maple Leaf, providing the sugary sweet, floral, and sandalwood aromas. Bisabolol is a terpene that stimulates healing, tames inflammation, and improves overall skin health.


Maple Leaf provides a THC content ranging from 15-21%. The CBD content is typically less than >1%. The sedative effects of Maple Leaf make it potentially useful for those with sleep disorders and insomnia. Other possible uses include releiving joint pain, headaches, inflammation, and dry skin. The dried buds and trimmings provide the material for premium quality hash making.


Maple Leaf induces a strong cerebral euphoria followed by deep body and mind relaxation. Patients love how Maple Leaf relieves stress and helps to prevent nausea and insomnia. This strain works great for night time medical and recreational use due to its sedative properties. Maple Leaf is potent yet gentle at the same time. Its onset begins with a pleasant but euphoric sensation in the head then gently massages its way down the body providing a delightful sense of weightlessness. Larger amounts can send users into a deep relaxing sleep.

Growing Maple Leaf Indica

Growers choosing to plant Maple Leaf indica seeds inside can use soil as a medium or hydroponics. For explosive growth and greater yield, the plant adapts well to the SCROG technique. Keep in mind, as the plant starts to grow, it is best to top early. Maple Leaf is a fast-maturing strain. The average flowering time is 45 to 50 days. Maple Leaf plants grow large dark green leaves and heavy buds that ooze resin. Indoor plants can yield 7-11oz/m2. Outdoors, Maple Leaf grows well with lots of sunshine. Try to avoid growing in areas with high humidity. Each plant produces an average of 11oz/each. Outdoor flowering is complete by the end of September-early October.

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Humulene (woody)


B-Pinene (evergreen)


Ocimene (sweet)


Linalool (spicy)